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Why you should stop caring what people think

Caring what other people think will be the ultimate cause of unhappiness.


1. It steals your happiness and freedom.

It makes you feel self-conscious and wary of everything you do and that is no way to live a life.

Do you really want to be imprisoned by their expectations and opinions? Hold yourself back, change yourself, all for what? If there is one thing I’ve learned is that people will judge you no matter what. People differentiate, and it’s not our job to make them like us.

I caught myself hesitating to publish a blog post, because I was wondering- Will the people who view it, like it? Is it good enough? I doubted myself for a moment, but do you know what? I decided I like the post, it is good enough for me and I scheduled it for publishing. Which brings me to my next point.

2. You can’t satisfy everyone.

P.S this is my favorite actress. Who is your favorite actor/actress?

Most of us are raised to be people-pleasers, I know I certainly was in some aspects. People pleasing becomes a bad thing when you value their happiness over yours, people are responsible for their own happiness. It really isn’t your job to satisfy everyone and no matter what, there will always be someoen unhappy. Realise that you and every other person are in totally different worlds, you have different perspectives and you percieve reality different.

People Pleasing hides the real you.

3. It keeps you from your goals and dreams

We would rather do the things that we don’t necessarily want to do, just because it gains us approval. I hear many successful people say that their parents didn’t support their goals, that their parents had another goal for them at the time and were against them becoming an actor/actress, comedian, gamer, singer ect.

What do all those successful people have in common? They didn’t care that no one supported them, that no one approved of their dream. They took risks. They simply believed in themselves.

4. They don’t know what’s best for you

Only you can decide in life what’s best for you. Only you can decide if you’ve made the right choices. Do you want to care so much what people think that one day you look back and realize you’ve done nothing that you actually wanted to do?

It’s your life live it your way. They had/have their chance in life. Life is simply too short to live your life according to them and their expectations for you.

5. Opinions change constantly anyways

A person can suddenly hate you and then like you and vice versa, so why even bother? If they like you or don’t, let ’em be. Once again, you can’t satisfy everyone.

Thanks for reading and remember to be you to the fullest. Approve of yourself. Love yourself. Be kind to yourself. Motivate yourself. Set your own expectations. Have goals and dream big.

Sorry for the age inappropriateness, but I just love this quote🔥

81 thoughts on “Why you should stop caring what people think”

  1. Or I can create a seperate post, that you’ll need a password for and we can chat in that posts’ comment section, I find it easier that way. But if you think Email is better, I’ll be happy to chat there🤗

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  2. I was just going to press ‘I like’, when you have used swear words. It is childish, rude, and offensive. Those who know enough words to express their thought, don’t need to swear.


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  3. You see, I don’t mind that you think I am rude and childish, you commented this on the perfect post, a quick reminder for me that I don’t really care what you think🤗

    I am sorry if you found it offensive and I am sorry if this bothered you this much to let me know that you didn’t press the like button. Please don’t bother reading my blog posts if you find it offensive, I can’t keep everyone happy and I will continue to express myself the way I see fit. Those who like it, like it, and those who don’t, don’t.

    I don’t write for approval, though I am happy that many other people liked this post and that it helped them in one way or another and saw it in a positive way, rather than focus on a few swearing words.

    Take care and I hope that happiness and abundance fills your life🌸

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  4. The thing is, different people see things differently, you saw the swearing as negative and he saw it as needed for this post. Just sorry that you couldn’t see the good🙃
    You see:

    Manish Malu
    Aug 24, 2020
    Wow.. this is great post again…

    “We should not care what other people think, let them do what they want to do, we should focus on ourselves.”
    They will be having extra time but we do not.😊

    And the last quote was superb .. much needed for this post and nothing inappropriate about that.


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  5. Excellent article. This topic is critical for people to understand in the development of healthy relationships. The management guru Dr. Stephen Covey and spiritual guru Dr. Deepak Chopra, referred to this as “frame of reference.” If I repeatedly look to others for self-assurance to build my self-worth I am referencing my identity from an outside/in perspective. Another way to say that would be that an outside/in person is giving others the power to regulate their emotions and self-worth.

    Your article reflects a mature inside/out frame of reference which is healthy. This perspective does not result in “not caring.” The inside/out perspective assures each individual has the ego strength to care for others without the “need to be needed” (co-dependency) which is reactive, not proactive. An inside/out person sets boundaries and doesn’t take things personally, allowing them to assist others without being involved in their drama.

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  6. Wow! Very true and wise words. I’ve never heard of this, thanks for broadening my perspective and explaining it so well and clearly. I appreciate it very much, thanks for sharing.💕

    Much love and abundance. Take good care.🤗💕


  7. Hi Karlien, Just to say thank you for the kind messages. I do value your friendship highly.
    Please don’t miss tomorrow’s post, you will love it, I promise. I will await your brilliant, as always, appraisal. Of course, as you know, I like your post, minus the bits. I know, I know, I am now getting boring!

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  8. 😜😂You never bore me🌸

    I value your friendship as well and it is my pleasure❤

    I can’t wait!! Thanks for letting me know, I am already excited to see what you have written🥂🌸

    Much love and abundance. Take care, and I’ll see you in tomorrow’s comment section😁🤗💕


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